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Practice Management Solutions

Document Review Services

Sometimes reviews can outgrow the office space that law firms use to house the amount of contractors needed for a project. In these instances, Elite Legal Search Partners, leveraging national document review and talent acquisition experts, property managers, and full-time real estate & technology procurement specialists, can assist you with conducting the review outside of your office location.  We can assist you on any size project and use our industry-leading expertise to solve your most complex challenges. Whether it be real estate acquisition, on-shoring an eDiscovery project to favorable labor and real estate markets, or something entirely unique to you, we are committed to providing a solution to fit your requirements.

Project Management

Provide a single point of contact for efficiency and to convey consistent messaging and organization to the review team. This can be extremely beneficial for offsite projects, where additional resources are needed to ensure the quality of your review and that deadlines are met. Let our project managers monitor time that the reviewers are onsite, identify QC & privilege quality reviewers, and manage and monitor workflow and productivity.


Our recruiters regularly visit and stay in contact with contractors while on projects, charged with maintaining efficiency and morale minimizing turnover, and our contract attorneys’ stay focused on the job at hand because they know their Elite Legal Search Partners directors handle all human resource and payroll issues.