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We are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goal of finding exceptionally qualified attorney talent to meet the unique and complex needs of your organization. We do this by Understanding Your Needs so that we gain a first hand and thorough understanding of your organization’s mission, culture and your specific hiring needs. We Deliver the Results that ensure candidate meets not only the position requirements but also will thrive within your unique organizations culture. Ours process is based on an approach in which we search for, meet with, and extensively interview candidates and present only the most qualified and best matched for your organization. When a candidate is matched correctly and is successful, so is your organization.  Our driving goal is to UNDERSTAND YOUR NEEDS and DELIVER RESULTS.


As challenging as it is to find the best legal talent for an open position, the process can be made simpler and more cost efficient. ELITE Legal Search Partners professionals focus on facilitating the process by identifying only candidates with the critical, required skill sets and necessary character profiles that meet the needs of our clients.

We approach every search for our client law firms or corporate legal departments as if we are true partner with our clients.

We are committed to Understanding Your Needs and Delivering Results.

Our Employer “Partners” work with us because:

  • They save time and money.
  • Studies have shown resumes received through online tools often are incomplete, unfocused and not submitted by the best candidates. Recruiting coordinators, swamped with hundreds of resumes from online ads, have little time to wade through and screen each candidate effectively.
  • Most forms of search produce a high volume of unqualified candidates, but clients eliminate aggravation and cost by tapping into our exclusive connections and extensive candidate database of candidates pre-screened for their professional and personal match with each position.
  • We monitor attorney and firm movements and are aware of talented attorneys not actively in the job market but committed to career advancement.
  • We act as an extension of your internal recruiting team.

Because personnel are every organization’s greatest asset we provide the best qualified candidates for each position, ELITE Legal Search Partners is a critical employers’ resource.  Our goals are to help you define your needs, conduct a focused search to identify ideal candidates, and by presenting only candidates qualified seriously interested candidates for a position.